16.4 Million Americans Think That Chocolate Milk Comes From… Brown Cows? #PMSL

This is not the 1800’s. Everybody knows that, right? That means that our food is mostly made for us. Sure, some of us have gardens, chickens, and such, but most Americans now just buy everything from a store and call it good.

And with their overly-busy schedules, it’s really okay to do that because someone, somewhere is growing that food for them. It’s practically the same thing, right?

But just because they buy store-bought goods doesn’t mean that they don’t know how their food is made. Wait, actually, that’s not true.

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In a completely shocking and utterly disastrous study by the Innovation Center of US Dairy, it has been found that seven percent of Americans think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

I’d bet you’re thinking that the study focused on children, aren’t you? But it didn’t. These are all grown-a** adults that honestly believe brown cows make brown milk.

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Seven percent may not seem that big, but it’s actually 16.4 MILLION adults who should not be allowed to breed.

Seriously, kindergarteners know that chocolate has to be mixed with milk to make chocolate milk so how could these people ever raise functioning members of society?

This is the most cow-racist thing I’ve ever heard. That being said, the Washington Post reported on the study and their article probably shocked half of the editorial staff because these Americans thought that brown cows mixed in the sugar naturally too!


Okay, if brown cows make chocolate milk naturally mixed with sugar, I bet the offspring of this bull make… protein shake?


PMSL. But that would be cool, though.

It’s getting to be a dangerous world out there, folks! If you know anyone who thinks chocolate milk comes from brown cows, be sure to submit their name for neutering because we don’t need their population growing.

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