A Demo Of Britney Spears Singing Without Auto-Tune Just Got Leaked… And People Are Shook!

Are you excited to hear Britney Spears singing without Auto-Tune? Yes? Then, you better stay tuned!

The “…Baby One More Time” singer is revered more as an entertainer than as a vocalist. She dances pretty well (Heck, she can do backflips!), she wears super hot costumes, and she can put on a show like nobody else.

Her singing, however, has been getting flak from fans and critics alike since the very beginning of her Pop-tastic career.

Her baby voice is one of the most polarizing stuff in the world, and the proliferation of mic feed videos of hers on YouTube does not help either. Plus, she is one of the most widely known lip syncers of all time. It is safe to say that Britney is considered by many as an effin’ bad singer.

But, here is something that can possibly destroy such notoriety: a demo version of her hit song ‘Toxic’. Raw. Untouched. This is basically Britney Spears singing without Auto-Tune!

The thing just got leaked a few weeks ago, and the rare audio clip has already garnered nearly 4 million hits on YouTube as of this writing. This means the world is curious about how the Princess of Pop would actually sound like sans the help of technology.

Guess what, you guys? I thought it would be really bad it would wreck my ears, but the demo actually sounds good. This woman can freakin’ hold a note! She may not be a great vocalist, but Britney B*** can sing.

No kidding.

Audio Clip by YouTube/Jade.

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Photos by YouTube/BritneySpearsVEVO

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