Car Dealer Comes Up With A Savage Way To Deal With Cocky Panhandler. #LikeABoss

It seems like there’s a whole lot more beggars out and about than there used to be. They seem to show up on every street corner and ask you for change but never seem to be satisfied with whatever you give them.

If you don’t believe me, try giving them some food. They’ll throw that sh*t right back in your face faster than you can say “get a job.

It’s not the ones that need help that are the problem, because everyone needs a hand up sometimes. No, it’s the ones that are obviously spewing bullsh** that piss off the entire world.

I kid you not, I once saw a lady with a sign that said she was a veteran with cancer and diabetes, had hungry kids, and was disabled.

I seriously laughed at the ridiculousness involved because she was clearly a meth addict with a sunken in face and sores all over her.

Don’t believe it people!

michel jackson

One car dealership got fed up with a guy that was taking up a constant space in front of their lot and decided to do something about it.

The man was out on the corner every day with a sign saying that “anything helps” but apparently wasn’t serious about it. Just like most of them, they are driving to their nice home in their car after a long day of begging.

Hey, that’s hard work, right? It’s probably a lot harder to rub dirt all over themselves and tear their clothes to look homeless and poor than it is to stand there all damn day.

The car dealership went full-blown savage and put a big’ole sign right in behind him on their lot saying “please do not give anything to this panhandler. We offered him a full-time job at $10.00/Hr. He said: ‘I make more than any of you’ and he did not want a job. Please donate to a more worthy cause.” Bam!

I’d bet he felt that and promptly moved to a different location to get the same amount of money.

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