9 Cats Who Hate Cameras. #6 Wants You To Kiss Its Ass While The Last One Just Got No Chill!

Do you know who among us make the most hilarious, most legendary pictures on this face of the planet? Cats who hate cameras!

See, felines are appalled by these image-reproducing devices they freak out whenever they see one. They just cannot bear having their pictures taken. For them, they are too pretty to be on photographs. They would rather have people see them in person than have these cat-obsessed weirdos ogle at them on pictures. Fair enough.

Most of all, they hate the attention their very rare selfies are getting. They get it–they look fabulous and on point at all times, and you are free to appreciate their beauty. But, duh, they feel super secure with their fame that they do not want some added hullabaloo from fans. Ha!

So, here are a bunch of cats who can’t stand cameras. Some of these look super funny, while some look extremely painful.

1. Because superstars are supposed to act like they hate cameras and that they have full rights to their private lives.

2. “What is this old fart doing in here?!?!?!”

3. “W-w-wait that’s not my best angle!”

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