Is This The Coldest Proposal Rejection Ever? The Entire Stadium Was Silent…

Baseball matches are usually the place where fun goes to die. I’ve never been to a match before but television has taught me that you spend 24-36 hours watching grown men in spandex run around in a circle.

But sometimes…sometimes something very special happens.

It’s the most American thing of all time to declare a person’s love at the place which has produced more hatred than any other public event in history but that is exactly what this man did.

Public proposals are already the absolute worst so this man decided to amp things up a little. The unnamed groom-to-be gathered, presumably, either his close friends or the world’s worst dancers to put on a small theatrical production.

A girl touches man feet

It was all singing all dancing and the dancers will have to wait another 51 weeks to find out if they won a Tony Award.

They bopped along to the Bruno Mars song I think I want to marry you and if that subtle little clue wasn’t enough for some onlookers, they were about to drop a bombshell.

a couple in a beach

The dancers held up signs which appeared to offer a woman called Allison a man’s hand in marriage.

The camera turns to Allison and her future fiance down on one knee waiting in the stands.

Allison is shaking her head…she can’t believe what is happening…

She’s so happy…

She’s still shaking her head…

Wait, what?

Allison, why are you grabbing your handbag and leaving?


Someone, please stop playing this song…

Watch the full incredible video below:

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