These Dancing Cats Can Legit Save The World From Utter Destruction. Hilarious Is An Understatement!!!

What you need right now is a dose of adorableness courtesy of dancing cats who don’t have any idea how incredibly delightful they are to watch!

Kitties can do a lot of notable things. First and foremost, they are mean. Yes, meanness is a skill cats have perfected through the years. They do it best.

Secondly, they can melt hearts with their cuteness. Behind that ironclad appearance is a soul who wants to be loved and who is willing to give love.

Thirdly and most importantly, they can bop! You want proof? Well, I can give you pieces of evidence anytime of the day.

This cat’s favorite tune to dance to is Rihanna’s and Drake’s ‘Work’. I can’t blame the feline. That song is so damn catchy it makes my body twitch in ways unimaginable.

BE. STILL. MY. HEART. This kitty–who I would like to believe is a huge K-Pop fan–bops to Psy’s super infectious ‘Gangnam Style’ and I am so done. I think I can’t be able to contain the happiness this cat is giving me right now.

Here is an Indian dance to end all Indian dance boppers’ career. I can’t stop laughing!

MJ, is that you? I don’t know about you, but this kitty does ‘Thriller’ better than the King of Pop himself.

To see more adorable dancing cats, watch the video below!

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Photos and Video by YouTube/Animalia

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