Dude Runs Out Of Gas, But Wait Till You See How He Got To The Gas Station! #FTW

Responsible vehicle owners try to never put themselves in a situation where they do something idiotic like run out of gas. That being said, almost every driver out there has done it at least once.

Not me though; I’m perfect. Just don’t check into that because it may not hold up in court. Anyway, this guy ran out of gas while pulling a trailer with an airboat on it. But don’t worry.

He didn’t let bad luck, or sh***y decisions, get him down. Oh no!

That resilient man went the whole other way and decided to showboat for his friends by literally showboating!

Dude Runs Out Of Gas

Got you a little bit curious now, does it? Well strap on your Florida tourist hats and get ready for one hell of a breeze because there’s a video for you to check out.

That’s right, this guy didn’t give up or suddenly cave in and call for help. He got out of his truck, likely chugged three beers, crushed the cans on his forehead, and swaggered back to his trailer saying something along the lines of “hold my beer and watch this sh*t.

Yes siree, he climbed up that trailer, sat himself in his captain’s chair and fired up the old airboat. He then used it to propel his truck forward to the gas station at a rate of a good forty miles per hour!

Dude Runs Out Of Gas

His friends sat in the truck and giggled about their mode of transportation. Yes, you’re right, the girls do explain why he did it.

The experts watched the video and said things like “way to prematurely damage your transmission” and “doesn’t this idiot know he is going to ruin both of his vehicles by doing shit like this?” But who are they to dull his sparkle?

I’d bet if they were the ones sitting in that chair, catching bugs in the face, and impressing the chicks in the front, they wouldn’t be talking such bulls***. Any guy knows that women giggling is better than some measly engine parts anyway.

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