Dude Was Caught Stealing A Bike So Tattoo Artist Gave Him A ‘Permanent’ Punishment

Thievery is never a good idea. Sure, it might get you further in the short run, but it will only end up digging you deeper in the long run. A seventeen-year-old boy just figure that out the hard way.

The sorry kid was busted stealing a bike from a man with one leg and a tattoo artist decided that kind of hateful selfishness needed to be branded for life.

The artist went for the kill and put the tattoo right on the boy’s forehead. It says “I am a thief and a loser” in Portuguese.

The boy was required to sit in a plastic chair while his hair was cut out of the way and his forehead was cleaned and prepared.

The artist told him “It’s going to hurt.” After the tattooing was complete, the boy was asked if he liked the work, given a stern talking to, and seemed to understand that his life was officially screwed as the tears welled up in his eyes.

The tattoo artist may be an expert, but the tattoo looks horrible and the words cover his entire forehead. He apparently asked them to do the tattoo on his arm instead, but they just laughed at him.

He also claims that he didn’t try to steal the bike from the one-legged man but only fell over it while he was drunk.

Naturally, the tattoo artist and the man whose voice was heard on the video were both arrested on suspicion of torture Saturday after the boy’s family saw the video and called the police when he hadn’t come home.

He showed up a little later and his family has since set up a crowdfunding campaign to get laser removal. The problem with these kids nowadays is that they have no consequences for their actions.

If this kid was going to steal a disabled man’s bike I say let him be punished in some other way that stings. I think this was a little too extreme, but that’s just me!

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