I Can’t Believe My Ears! Watch Ed Sheeran’s WORST PERFORMANCE EVER Here!

Ironically, the best thing you will see and hear today happens to be Ed Sheeran’s worst performance ever.

Let me just set this thing straight. This British superstar is easily one of the better, more soulful musicians of this current generation. He plays the guitar so well, he is a loop pedal master, and he sings like an angel. But, he’s just human, and he also has bad days!

During a live performance of his worldwide hit ‘Shape Of You’, things seemed not right. Everything just sounded wrong, which was a big surprise for a Sheerio like me because the guy usually puts out a great show.

The music and Ed’s singing were not syncing properly, causing my ears to bleed. And, his voice! Man, the guy probably forgot to warm up. He sounded like a pubescent wannabe still trying to figure out his place in this world.

His vocal choices were absolutely traumatizing.

His pitch was all over the place. One moment he was going flat, the next moment he was going sharp. One moment he was growling, the next moment he was singing like a baby. It was like a roller coaster ride I would never want to experience ever again!

But, I salute Ed for giving it his all. He was singing straight from his heart, but his vocal cords were just terribly stubborn that day. Poor Ginger.

Things got even more horrific when he tried to raise the key during the last chorus. Dear heavens, I didn’t know Ed could torture me that way.

If you are interested about watching Ed Sheeran’s worst performance ever, watch the video below at your own risk.

P.S. Please don’t forget to read the disclaimer at the start of the clip. It will answer all your questions.

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Photos and Video by YouTube/TheKosmic8

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