Family’s Offering £50,000 To Nanny Who’ll Look After Children In ‘Haunted House’

Anyone want to move to Scotland and be a live-in nanny? Apparently, you can work for a Scottish family there and earn yourself a whopping £50,000 per year.

That’s a pretty good amount for someone who doesn’t have to pay a mortgage or an electric bill, right? I guess that depend on whether or not you are spooked by spooks.

The family of four has been through five nannies in the past years and can’t seem to get anyone to stay on even after incentives. Must be some pretty bad kids, huh? Wrong.

Every one of the nannies left citing “supernatural incidents” as their reason.

The couple has lived in their home for ten years and has a five and a seven-year-old. The problem is with their unregistered house guest who apparently doesn’t like nannies in the least.

The ghost never causes any trouble while the parents are home, but wreaks havoc when they leave the nanny alone with the kids.

The family was told that the house was haunted when they bought it, but never had trouble until a slew of nannies started talking about strange noises, broken glass, and moving furniture.

Since the kids can’t adjust when their nanny keeps changing, they are offering candidates wages above the asking price and trying to be as honest about the ghost as possible.

They are hoping to find someone who doesn’t believe in ghosts to take the role, but they would probably be better off with someone who does so that the new nanny won’t have to welcome a new dose of reality on top of being scared silly.

The family wants everyone to know that no harm has come to anyone in the house and that the candidates will have to have a very strong disposition. That doesn’t sound ominous at all, does it?

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