12 Funny Pictures To Make You Realize Your Happiness Is Actually Quite Shallow. The Last Photo Is Too Hilarious!

Nothing compares to the kind of happiness funny pictures bring to our lives. They just make this world more tolerable. They always give us something to laugh about, which is great because life can be too full of crap at times.

What you are about to see is a small collection of hilarious photos that can be found online. They are some of the funnier ones, which means you are about to go on a laughing spree. Better have an extra supply of oxygen beside you in case you run out of breath from LOLing too hard.

I, however, got a little problem over here. It can be possible that the following pictures are not actually funny and it’s only me who find them hilarious. Maybe, my happiness is just a little shallow. Well, if the photos will annoy you more than satisfy you, then please forgive me.

You ready to be shot by a barrage of funny pictures? If yes, then read on!

1. Boxes have no gender, okay?

2. Which one do you prefer? The naked one or the conservative one?

3. Hopefully that toast can save your marriage.

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