Man Robs Bank To Escape Wife, But Wait Till You See The Punishment He Got! #PMSL

Sometimes there are crimes that seem to be worse than others. For example, a man robbing a store to get the cash is considerably worse to most of us than a man robbing a store for bread to feed his children.

There is a big difference, right? Although there are times when the crimes seem more bearable, there are certainly times when they seem more idiotic as well.

Take this guy for example. John Ripple of Kansas City decided to rob a bank and then sit and wait patiently for the police to arrive.

He walked into the bank and told the cashier “I have a gun. Give me the money.” The cashier followed policy and emptied out her drawer, handing him about $3,000.

Ripple then went and sat in the reception area with the cash and waited for the security guard to approach him saying “I’m the man you’re looking for.

An FBI agent testified that Ripple argued with his wife, who went to court with him, and that he said “I’d rather be in jail than at home” because he didn’t want to be around his wife anymore.

He was sick of her and wanted to spend his time behind solid bars from then on. Too bad his plan didn’t work out the way he thought it would.

The District Court Judge decided that this guy should get a worse punishment than the possible thirty-seven months in prison and sentenced him to house arrest for six months. With his wife. Whom he hates.

Could there be a worse punishment than being locked up with someone you just talked shit about and pissed off? Especially if she’s going to be cooking his meals. He might need a poison tester.

One thing about it, after six months together, they’ll either end up fixing their problems, or getting divorced. Let’s just lock up all the banks until that happens just in case he gets anymore genius ideas.

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