Mascot Challenges Security Guy To A Dance Off And Gets Schooled Big Time. I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING!

When you dare someone to go on a dance off with you in front of a massive audience, make sure that person has two left feet or else it will be the death of you.

Meet Orbit–a self-assured (sometimes conceited) mascot who thinks he’s the best dancer in the world. He carries himself with an enormous amount of confidence; you could tell he hasn’t lost in any dance battle he participated in.

However, things will be quite different today.

His preferred opponent for this day? A security guy. He comes up to him and busts some moves in front of him, challenging the poor dude to a dance off. This mascot be thinking like: “Hey, Average Joe. Can you shake your ass like this? You feel threatened now, huh?” The guard just doesn’t feel interested at all.

Or, so we thought.

A few more acts of provocation later, the guy has decided to tackle this overbearing mascot once for all. He’s so done hiding what he truly feels. What happens next is totally unexpected!

He pushes Orbit aside, as if saying, “Get out of my way, dude. Give me space as I show you how it’s done.”

Don’t tell me…

It turns out the security guy has some hidden talent. He starts bopping to the music, letting go of all his inhibitions.

That, right there, is the hottest booty tooch I have ever seen a man do. Is this guy even real? Where has he been locking up all these moves?

Who are you kidding, mister?

After giving the audience such a mind-blowing dance routine, he be looking like, “Geez, what have I done? I just showed my true colors. I just got exposed, but f*** it.”

Orbit, on the one hand, heads straight to the exit door right after the performance, looking utterly defeated. He had just been taught a lesson, I suppose.

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Photos and Video by YouTube/willman26205

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