This Mean Cats Compilation Will Make You Think Twice About Getting A Pet Kitty. They Can Be So Cruel (Still Freakin’ Cute Nonetheless)!

Mean cats exist for the reason that some kitties just got no chill. These folks are temperamental. They can’t tolerate crap. They abhor stupidity. And, they just simply love to hate others for no apparent reason.

While some cats are kind, most of them want the world to revolve around them. They want to be the reason why humans breathe. They always want to be the center of everyone’s attention.

So, this guy is freaking out because he just received the best Christmas gift ever! He could not contain his happiness. He is basically celebrating.

Suddenly, out of nowhere…

…his beloved cat jumps onto him and attacks him.

On the one hand, here is a feline who hates to see its human reading. In its mind, people are not supposed to do anything other than take great care of cats. They can only be slaves to cats and nothing else.

Because this kitty just would not stop gnawing on the magazine, the lady just decides to close it and wrap everything up before she even has the chance to start.

That is a cat telling a massive bear to get off its property. Considering their size difference, this kitty is such a brave, mean one.

One of the mean cats included in here is such a legit sleep pooper. How would you feel if someone just suddenly hits you in the head, and repeatedly at that, while you’re dozing off? You would be really angry, of course. But, good thing this dog right here is too kind to get back at this cruel kitty.

To see all ten mean cats, watch the video here:

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Photos and Video by YouTube/JukinVideo

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