Photographer Recreates Romance Novel Covers Using Average People As Models. The Pictures Will Absolutely Crack You Up!

What if these romance novel covers had real people on them instead of just perfectly drawn images of a hot boy and a hot girl flirting with each other?

That was exactly what photographer Kathleen Kamphausen did quite recently. She recreated these uncomfortably provocative covers, but she did not hire the most perfect looking ones for this project. Instead, she got a couple average people to model for this original and intriguing shoot.

The models did pretty well, I must say. They tried to be as seductive as possible. The two guys even went buck naked to make this whole project even more convincing! They did an excellent job posing in front of the camera. The final pictures may look cringey, but at least these guys tried.

1. A more appropritae title for this would be: “Kill Me With Your Sword, Dahling”.

2. “Our morning breaths stink, but we love each other anyway.” Loving through pain and suffocation.

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