Rude Woman Savages Her Partner During The World’s Most Awkward Date Ever

First Dates is apparently a pretty big show in the UK. It features two people paired up on a first date with millions of people watching it. A lot of people were watching when twenty-six-year-old Angelica and twenty-four-year-old Milo met up for their first encounter.

We’ve all experienced some pretty horrible dates, but they are typically at least amicable, right? Although a lot of us, especially us women, have had our dates immediately insult us without realising it, they generally only do it once before the look on our face tells them to back that sh*t up a step.

Unfortunately for Milo, Angelica wasn’t reading that look so well.

Milo told her that he owns a “dog running” business and she laughed, calling it “doss.” He defended his line of work, saying it was hectic.

She continued on to say that she figured he would be a “city wanker” and that his choice of merlot is “bland and sh*t.

She also insulted his name calling it a “posh dog name” even though her nickname is Jelly.

Angelica then put to good use her math skills and figured out that he couldn’t support himself on his dog-running salary and forced him to admit that he still lives with his parents.

She then insulted him by asking him how he planned to hook up after good dates and baited him into saying that he would go to the woman’s house.

Twitter users were quick to jump to Milo’s aid and bash Angelica for her behaviour saying “Milo why didn’t you get up and leave her at the table, she is vile, AND rude! Cringe cringe cringe,” “odd tonight. Milo certainly deserves pleasanter than that monster,” and “Angelica is such a cow. ‘Posh dogs are called Milo.’ How rude!

Hopefully Milo’s next date will go a little better than this one!

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