Sadako Comes Out Of The TV Screen! This Has Got To Be The Funniest Scare Prank You Will Ever See!

All you need to have in order to pull off the funniest scare prank ever are a fake HD TV, a fake ghost hiding in it, and a couple unsuspecting folks.

So, these mean people are already setting things up, attaching brand new television units on the wall. However, one of these is a freakin’ dummy. What looks like a real TV is actually a mini-chamber where someone in a scary Sadako costume will be locking herself up until it’s time for her to do her all-important job, which is to frighten innocent customers.

There she is, stepping into her dominion. She legit looks like the real thing, doesn’t she?!

What are we waiting for? It’s prank time, you guys!

A salesman is currently entertaining the guests (the victims, to be more specific), eloquently articulating all the innovative features of the units being displayed.

However, the fact of the matter is that these guys are only being told half of the absolute truth about why they are where they are now.

They are in that TV store right at that same exact moment because they are destined to appear in the funniest scare prank ever!

Again, none of these customers know about what’s going to happen next.

All of a sudden…

Sadako has gone too tired of hiding that she is finally crawling out of the cave! Her hair is on point as well!

Then, this happens!

The customers are shook. To the bones. Right to the deepest recesses of their souls. Ha!

That guy be like, “Geez, it’s Sadako.”

See the full video below!

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Photos and Video by YouTube/YesFunnyYes

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