Stalker Gets Pissed Off After Being Rejected By Man Who Stopped Texting! #PMSL

This world is turning into a scary place. You really can’t trust anyone anymore because you never seem to know if they’re a stalker, a serial killer, a terrorist, or worse, a Jehovah’s witness. Kidding on that last part! Kind of.

A guy named Daniel recently found out that you can’t even trust your friends anymore because they may not even have good judgement at all.

Daniel’s friend gave his number out to a stranger that said they were interested in Daniel but things didn’t go as planned.

In a horror movie type of intro, Daniel received a text at 2:03 a.m. from a number he didn’t recognise saying “Long time no see. I actually see you at ……right now.

Um, ok., sort of scary, but could be an old friend playing with you, right? Daniel replied “Who is this again?” The texter wasn’t too keen on giving their name, so they avoided it and went with “You’re looking great. I love the new haircut.

Run Daniel! Hide behind the wall of chainsaws!

He tried again with “Thanks. Mind telling me who you are?…” The stalker tried to go for the sweet and innocent mark and said that they had been interested in Daniel for a while and that some of his friends gave them the number.

Daniel didn’t bite though and said” I’d just feel a little better talking in person or at least knowing who has my number.

The next message he got was hours later that day asking him who that guy was he was talking to a moment ago.

Creeper alert!

When that was met with the appropriate amount of WTF and then the silent treatment, the texter went on a crazed rant about how terrible of a person Daniel is and how they are an awesome catch that he will miss out on now.

More like he dodged a bullet.

The only problem is he has no idea who that bullet is. They could be a boomerang and pop right back up at any time and he would never know it was the same person.

If it were me, the police would be investigating that number!

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