Perfect For The Summer! This Water Balloon Prank Will Make Your Day!!!

The most fun thing to do this summer is to simply annoy your loved ones or even people you do not actually know by playing some water balloon prank on them.

One YouTube channel has done it so masterfully that I’m sharing their viral video to you now. Well, they just come up to random strangers they see on the streets and pop some water balloons on these people’s heads. So mean!

Their very first victims!

This guy sitting ever so casually and comfortably has also been victimized. Let’s just say he is at the wrong place at the wrong time. It all boils down to luck, really.

The most entertaining part is that this whole thing always ends up in a chasing game. The perpetrator runs for dear life while looking super gratified the fact that he’s done something bad to his fella. The victim, on one hand, is seething from head to toe, going after an asshole as fast as a lighting bolt.

Well, you can never feel too safe about the path you’re taking. You can just be strolling so complacently, then be suddenly bombarded by a water balloon prank. You will never know, and it sucks!

You can just be sleeping ever so peacefully under a massive tree, then all of a sudden be woken up by a water balloon prank pulled off by some idiot who got nothing else better to do. Life can be so cruel sometimes!

Well, this specific prank is also a legit date spoiler. Ugh!

Watch the video here:

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Photos and Video by YouTube/RebelTV

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