14 Weird Fashion Items You Won’t Believe Actually Exist. I Dare You To Wear #8 Sans Underwear. Ha!

These weird fashion items may or may not make you lose hope in the future of the fashion industry, but one thing is for sure—every single creation included in this gallery is just too interesting to miss!

Kudos to all the designers across the globe for coming up with really innovative whatnots each time, extremely though-provoking products that make the world a little less boring and a lot more fabulous. However, some of the pieces sold in the market today are just not for the weak. They are meant for the braver, more daring souls who can wear stuff that can… hmmm… divide humanity.

Now, which one of these weird fashion items catches your fancy?

1. Wearing these, your feet should be in a perfect plank position. While standing. No kidding.

2. Holes galore!

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