Woman Was Asked To Leave Shopping Centre Because Of Her… Inappropriate Dress?

Everyone hates the mall. Seriously, it’s all great and good when you’re a teenager and can experience your first tastes of freedom within its walls, but as soon as you start a family, it rapidly becomes your least favourite place to be.

There are hordes of rude people everywhere, children running wild and unattended, as a-hole teenagers pushing their luck. And all of that is BEFORE you see the outrageous prices on almost every piece of clothing.

Taking a family to a shopping centre is the equivalent of throwing £2,000 right out the window. Hannah Pewee decided to visit the money pit on a hot day and wore what anyone wears on a hot day; a tank top and a pair of shorts.

There were no cut-out sides, exposed back, or butt cheeks hanging out. It was just a normal sleeveless Finding Nemo tank top and a pair of blue jeans short. Keep that in mind.

She was inside the Woodland Mall in Michigan and minding her own business when a security guard approached her. To Hannah’s shock, the security guard told her that she would have to leave the shopping centre because a customer had filed a complaint about her “inappropriate dress.

The twenty-year-old complied but felt like she had been “sl*t shamed” because of her clothes even though there were a lot of girls right around her wearing the exact same style of clothing.

Once she got outside, she realised how truly despicable her treatment had been and she got angry enough to start shaking.

She took a picture of her clothes posted it along with her story for everyone to hear. She claims that she felt so embarrassed she almost cried and that is an understandable reaction.

The mall responded to her post saying that they “dropped the ball on this one” and that they have apologised to Hannah and her family.

They also claimed that they are reeducating their team about how to handle situations like this. Women have the right to dress however they damn well please just like men do. Adjust or leave.

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