Woman Raised The Wrong Child Her Entire Life, But Who Her Real Child Was Living With? #OMG

Thirty years ago, a woman gave birth to a baby girl in Russia. She memorized her little face, fingers, and toes just like any new mother does and was pretty confused when her baby looked completely different the next day.

Zoya Tuganova complained to the staff that she thought there had been a mix-up, but they refused to discuss it and just offered to send her for a psych exam.

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She took the baby home back in 1987 and named her Katya. As time passed, Zoya just couldn’t get the odd occurrence out of her mind and always felt that her baby had been swapped at birth even to the point of sobbing during a show about a child mix-up.

After her husband’s death, she decided that it was time to start looking into it herself and sought out the other baby born on the same day.

The other baby turned out to be named Lucia Tuligenova and was raised in poverty, having to beg for money and her food often.

At the age of thirteen, her mother died of alcoholism and her father was jailed for murder which saw her put into an orphanage.

Katya and Zoya tracked down Lucia and they did DNA tests which showed once and for all that a mother knows best. The tests proved that Lucia was Zoya’s biological daughter and that the hospital had mixed up the two babies.

I’d bet she wishes she could shove that test in her nurse’s face right about now. The three of them are now living as a happy trio of a mother with two daughters.

Katya has an eight-year-old son and Lucia has three children which probably puts Zoya in grandmother hog heaven. Zoya is planning to sue the hospital for their mix-up, which she should.

Apparently, the pain led her to a number of about 3 million RUB, or £41,365. Hopefully she wins it too so she can spoil her grandbabies as much as she wants!

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