You Won’t Believe What Singer Lorde’s Secret Instagram Account Is About – Lorde Of The Rings?

Remember that time when Lorde was the next big thing? Hipsters old and young sang along to Royals and that was even before Taylor Swift gave her an entry card to her band of singing white girl superheroes.

Apparently, Lorde has since gone on to release even more songs. Her new album is set for release later this month but the internet has discovered a fascinating secret about the singer.

Singer Lorde

People online have a tendency to invade celebrity’s personal space. Whether it’s taking their pictures in public for social media or even hacking them, the public assumes that the lives of the rich and famous are open books.

Well, strange people behind keyboards have done some investigation into the New Zealand singer and found a rather strange little piece of information: a secret Instagram account.

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People often assume that celebrities have secret social media accounts; one for the public and one for more personal insights with friends.

It turns out that the singer, born Ella Marija something-something, has indeed got a clandestine online presence: one where she reviews onion rings.

@onionringsworldwide had a pretty niche following. Just 24 subscribers including, strangely, Lorde and some of her close friends.

Singer Lorde's Secret Instagram Account

Instagram users have conducted some light detective work and discovered that Lorde was in the same locations at the same time as the account reviewed onion rings.

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According to one fan, Lorde is “well-known for having super short fingernails.” Apparently.

Singer Lorde

Various news outlets got in contact with Lorde’s management team who refused to comment about the account which has since been taken down.

The internet is weird sometimes.

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