This Man Accidentally Sent An X-Rated Photo To The Wrong Person And Got Roasted So Badly

There may be a heatwave sweeping across the United Kingdom but even the palest, most outdoorsy people in the country won’t get burned as badly as this man did.

People play a risky game every time they send an erotic text or two, there are so many things which could go wrong.

The person you’re talking to could get turned off because you can’t really see their reaction, they could show their friends or, heaven forbid, you could send something to the wrong person.

people talking

Michael Fassbender and Bill Gate must have had a sick sense of humour when they together to make the mobile phone.

Why would this be an option? Phones should have an NSFW option which shuts down any contact to family members, close friends, or the print media.

Well, while we wait for technology to catch up with us, we’re going to have to settle for what we have.

man with mobile

Twitter user @CountCaleb had to do just that when he “accidentally” sent a d*ck pic to a girl he was seeing, or rather, to one of the girls he was seeing.

I mean, just showing someone your penis isn’t really an effective pickup line in real life dating, but apparently, people expect more from the pictures they use online.

a girl with mobile

Caleb certainly was when he sent one such picture to a girl on his phone called “home girl #3.”

Rather than falling in love and declaring Caleb the grand master of everything, Home Girl #3 had a slightly different reaction to the picture, instead deciding to roast him so hard it’s a miracle he’s still alive.

“Caleb. Wow,” she started in a series of texts.

“Um, I want to do so much to it…it’s so small…it looks like it would go well in some batter on some pig in a blanket sh*t.

a man

“That d*ck is so small you probably can’t even go outside on windy days or it’ll fly right off.”


Not content with ruining his life already. Home Girl #3 goes in for the kill.

“Bro your d*ck look like a double a battery. Can you come over and put it in my remote”


Needless to say, Caleb won’t be sending any pictures or going outside for a while.

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